Vassalo Speech and Language is proud to provide speech therapy for adults in California and Washington.

There are many diagnoses that would indicate an adult is likely in need of a speech and language evaluation or treatment, such as dementia, aphasia after a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, fluency disorder (i.e., stuttering or cluttering), and traumatic brain injury. A speech-language pathologist (SLP) who specializes in adults would likely start by providing a consultation, a screener, and/or a comprehensive speech and language evaluation to assess various areas of potential need.

Common areas of deficits for adults with speech and language disorders include:

  • short-term memory
  • long term memory
  • volume
  • vocal quality
  • comprehension of language, including reading and understanding directions, questions, and/or conversations
  • expression of language, including writing, word finding, verbally answering questions, and/or participating in conversations
  • motor planning (i.e., apraxia, connecting the desired message in your brain to the voice and mouth muscles to produce speech)
  • problem solving and safety (e.g., turning the stove burner off after cooking, what to do when you’re locked out of the house)
  • nonverbal language (e.g., body language, gestures, drawing, facial expressions)
  • fluent speech

Once areas of need are established, a qualified SLP will provide you with a report, results, and recommendations for ongoing therapy if indicated to target areas of need.

If residing in California or Washington, reach out today to request a free, 15-minute consultation at We’re happy to help create meaningful goals to improve functional communication in areas that are a priority to the client, their caregivers, and their medical team.

Have a wonderful, happy holiday season!

Tiffany Vassalo, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist at Vassalo Speech and Language LLC